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Melon Floral Cozy Blanket

5 out of 5
$ 58.00

These blankets are called "cozy" for a reason. Made with high quality minky backing, it will last for years and will still be soft enough to be your child's favorite blanket. Our three children sleep with a cozy blanket every night, and we knew we needed to bring them back to Lou Lou.

This larger, generous size is perfect for snuggling up in bed and will cover you both when cuddling on the couch.

Color: Melon Floral + Ivory Fur


Size: 48 x 48 Inches

Materials: Polyester Blend

Care Instructions: Wash before use. Machine Wash on cold with phosphate free detergent. Hang dry. Once blanket is dry, rub minky side to restore fluffiness.

Thickness: Heavy weight

Lou Lou & Company



Gender Neutral

Bows and Headbands


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