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Pineapple Costume


An unbelievably sweet and simple Lou Lou Costume all ready to assemble! Just choose the size and style of Lou Lou you would like and we'll do the rest. Costume pack details + step-by-step instructions listed below.

Lou Lou Pineapple

Simple step-by-step instructions

  1. Using hot glue or safety pins, attach the yellow felt squares in parallel lines (like rows of bricks) across the front of your Avery gown.
  2. Next, attach the 5 green leaves along the front of the gown’s collar with hot glue or safety pins. 
  3. Dress baby in your Avery gown and Jordan bonnet and celebrate with the sweet pineapple of your eye. 
        Costume Pack What's Included
        NB-3 Month Gown Pack NB-3 Month Gown / NB-6 Month Bonnet / Felt Pack
        NB-3 Month Top + Bottom Pack NB-3 Month Top + Bottoms Set / NB-6 Month Bonnet / Felt Pack
        3-6 Month Gown Pack 3-6 Month Gown / NB-6 Month Bonnet / Felt Pack
        3-6 Month Top + Bottom Pack 3-6 Month Top + Bottom Set / NB-6 Month Bonnet / Felt Pack
        6-12 Month Top + Bottom Pack 6-12 Month Top + Bottom Set / 6-12 Month Bonnet / Felt Pack
        Felt Pack Only Felt Pack Only

        To keep your Lou Lou items looking their best and ensure the color and quality of fabric for long-term use, we recommend the following care instructions:

        Machine wash cold with like colors, lay flat or hang dry. Use a warm iron or steamer to smooth out wrinkles if needed.

        Color may vary depending on device screen.

        Due to the nature of fabrics and dye lots, this print may or may not be the exact same shade, hue, or tone of a previous release of this same print.

        Materials: Rayon/Spandex Blend