Ways to Serve a New Mom

Hi!👋🏼 So glad you are here to find ways to serve a new mom (or inspo for ways to ask for help!)

My biggest tip is “just do it” and don’t ask “how can I help you? Do you need anything?” Chances are they will say they are doing fine and not ask for anything. Women have a hard time accepting help and the times where I have been relieved most is when women just show up to help.

#1  Bring her easy to make/ready meals to feed her and her family so she can focus on the baby. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing food, drop something off that will be useful like a small pack of diapers and wipes that is essential for newborn care.

#2 If you are close enough to her and she lets you in the house, look around and see what needs done. If you see toys that need pick up, dishes in the sink that could be loaded in the dishwasher, laundry to be folded, vacuuming, take the trash out, etc. She will decline the help but probably well up with tears if you just help.

#3 A self care basket with bath salts, a cozy robe, treats to snack on, face mask or a good book to read as she rocks and nurses baby. Or Gift her a massage to pamper herself and release her back tension.

#4 If she has older children you can offer to let them come to your house for a play date to give her quiet time or a much needed nap at her house. OR! Drop off fun activities to keep older kids quiet and entertained while she cares for the baby (puzzles, coloring books with new colored pencils, play dough, sticker books, sidewalk chalk, paint with water, etc).

#5 Gift her a one time cleaning service.

#6 Drop off fresh groceries to fill her fridge and pantry with some simple basics.

#7 Offer to go on a walk around the neighborhood or nearby park to get some fresh air together with your babies in tow.

#8 Send an encouraging text message that you are thinking of her and there for her if she every needs anything.

#9 If you are going out for the day, ask if she needs any errands run for her while you are out!

Hope this was helpful to you!! What would you add to the list? 

xo, Karen 🤍

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