Here at Lou Lou, we believe the people on our team are the foundation of our business. We want to find people that are the perfect fit for Lou Lou, and perhaps more importantly, people for whom Lou Lou is the perfect fit for them. We focus on these three attributes for every position in the company:

1. Thrive in Chaos: Not just survive, but thrive. Our business is growing fast, and we are constantly reinventing the way we operate. We want people who are builders - that are thrilled by the challenge of building something from the ground up, and are always looking for ways to improve any process. 

2. Autonomy and Accountability: These two go hand in hand. We strive to make each role completely autonomous - meaning you can show up to work every day and know what to do without being told by someone else. The more each team member proactively accounts for their efforts, the more autonomous our whole team can be. 

3. Positivity: You can be doing your favorite thing in the world, but if it's with someone you don't like, you're miserable. You can be doing something that's not very fun, but if it's with a group of friends that you love, you're all having a blast. Every person that walks through the door each day should be someone the whole team is excited to be around. This is our most important principle and we will select for this even above skills and performance.

Not-so-fun fact: Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and other marginalized folks tend to only apply when they check every box. Think you have what it takes, but not sure you check every box? Reach out to us anyways. We’d love to talk and determine together whether you could be a be a great fit!

Open positions are listed below. If there are no positions listed, please continue checking back as we frequently post new positions.