Hospital Bag Essentials for Baby

Hi Mama!

Working on the mom/baby unit in the hospital for many years, I watched many parents over pack and bring too many items for baby that they didn't end up using! When it comes to what to pack for baby in your hospital bag, my philosophy is KEEP IT SIMPLE! 

The hospital provides most of the things you will need for baby (diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bottles if needed, etc.) so don’t worry too much about bringing all of the extras!

Here are my MUST-HAVES when packing for my babies:

#1 I like to bring my own Swaddle, hat/headband (depending if you are having a girl or boy) and some mittens for those first moments. I put these in an easy Newborn Bundle.

Newborn Bundle


There is a special moment in the hospital called the golden hour. It's the time immediately following birth. This is a magical time for mother-baby bonding. During this time, Skin-to-skin in the first one to two hours provides oxytocin production in both mom and baby. Oxytocin is “the love hormone” that helps with emotions such as trust, bond, and positivity. How beautiful, huh? It can help reduce stress for both mom and baby, help babies adapt to life outside of the womb, and help with your milk supply! 

Having a simple swaddle, hat and mittens is the perfect way to get that beautiful skin to skin time while also keeping them warm and cozy. 


#2 Your personal choice of pacifier or two! While the hospital does provide a pacifier, I always brought my favorites that I wanted to try first! I had the best luck with Ryan & Rose and BIBS Pacifiers



#3 A Lou Lou Knotted Gown!  This is a newborn must-have! I love bringing these to the hospital with me for the hospital stay & coming-home outfit! I recommend bringing 2 in case baby spits up!

Our gowns make for the easiest and cutest outfit for baby. They are made from the softest material. You will also have fuss-free diaper changes with the easy tie-bottom (who doesn't want that?!)


Knotted Gowns


Did you learn anything new? I hope this if helpful for what to bring vs what the hospital provides! 

I am so excited for you and your new bundle of joy! It is such a beautiful time. I would love to hear from you on what you plan to pack for baby's hospital bag! Let me know in the comments! 👇🏼

xo, Karen

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