What I wish I knew about the 4th trimester...



I have 5 littles of my own and 4 sisters who are all moms! This means I have been there and learned a lot about what I wish I knew in my 4th trimester as a first time mom. I also found myself needing these reminders with each baby.🤍

#1 The intensity of emotions & hormones is normal! I wish I knew just how overwhelming the emotions could be during the fourth trimester. From joy and love to anxiety and frustration, it's a rollercoaster ride unlike any other.


#2 Importance of self-care! I wish I understood the crucial role self-care plays during the 4th trimester. You are in a season where you have a little human to take care of. That can take a lot out of you! Remember to take time for you and ask for help when needed. Whether it's from a partner, family member, or friend, having support can make all the difference in prioritizing your self-care.


#3 Sleep deprivation's takes a toll… I wish I was prepared for just how real sleep deprivation can be. It's not just about feeling tired; it can impact every aspect of life, from mood to cognitive function. Knowing this now, I would have been a lot more patient with myself! Remind yourself this is just a short phase you will come out of and you will get back your normal sleeping hours soon!


#4 Breastfeeding is natural to do, but doesn't come naturally to all! I wish moms knew it was a learning curve and there is a lot of trial and error in those first few months! Baby needs help learning how to breastfeed AND mom needs help learning how to breastfeed. From latching to supply concerns, having realistic expectations and seeking support EARLY can make a world of difference.


#5 Accepting imperfection! I wish I knew that it's okay to not have everything figured out! The house will probably (most likely!) be messy, nap schedules will get off, milestones may come early or late, and your postpartum healing may look different than expected. Parenthood is beautiful and imperfect, and both can exist!


#6 The importance of mom friends! I wish I recognized sooner the value of connecting with other moms going through similar experiences. Finding a supportive group of women can provide validation, guidance, and a sense of camaraderie during the fourth trimester and beyond.


#7 Soak in this special time! I wish I fully grasped just how fleeting this stage of parenthood is. Despite the challenges, the fourth trimester is also filled with precious moments of connection and growth that I'll always treasure. It may not feel like it in the hard moments, but it does go by so fast!

Let's chat about the 4th trimester! What would you add to the list? What questions do you have? 

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